Tuesday, July 20, 2010

REVIEWS: 7/18/2010 - 7/24/2010

Apache - Radical Sabbatical LP (Burger Records)

Raw grinding punk rock straight out of the hook laden era of the late 70's. Is this some lost KBD gem? No it's a bunch of boozed up/stoned out dudes pouring their sleazy hearts out through sloppy yet catchy guitar leads. I thought going into the record that the first 2 songs were fine and would have been suitable for a 7", skeptical of how they were gonna carry out their sleazy 70's punk anthems over 13 jams. They do it suprisingly well with only 1-2 throwaway tracks, the rest being record party anthems. Grab this LP, a case of beer, a pack of smokes and maybe even your glue bag. Stay sleazy with Apache cos these dudes seem like they know how to party.
(Burger Records/645A S. State College Blvd./Fullerton, CA 92831/http://burgerrecords.webs.com/)

Witchsorrow - Witchsorrow 2xLP (Rise Above Records)

Slowly you crawl out of this pit of despair. You are clawing the ground in hopes that maybe you can escape the soul crushing doomed out anthems from the righteous three piece known as Witchsorrow. Like their labelmates and label owners band's Cathedral, Electric Wizard and The Gates of Slumber, this trio churns out thick resin coated guitar riffs with a tone similar to that of the first Cathedral album. The bass is punchy and the vocals are droney all the while being backed by this crushing beast on drums pounding away at every verse and chorus. This is an extreme step up from their 2008 demo seeing as they've not only pumped up their riffs, but the way they pull those riffs off. The "traditional doom metal hammer-ons" are pulled off with perfection at just the right times for you to go "fuck yah" and throw those shreddin fingers in the air. Search this out, it's well worth a few spins.
(Rise Above Records/www.riseaboverecords.com)

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