Monday, June 4, 2007

REVIEW: Severed Head Of State

Since I plan on turning this into an actual print zine this summer, I figure I might as well post some reviews of records I've stumbled across in the past few months. This is my first shot at reviewing records on a constant basis. Hopefully I can stick with it!


Severed Head Of State - Power Hazard 12" EP (Havoc Records)

Severed Head Of State is back after two years, and they're shredding harder then ever! From the opening of "Death's Marionette" to the closer "This Final Scene...", SHOS blazes through 9 d-beat-esque ragers that sound similar to Lycanthro Punk-era Wolfpack. As per usual with SHOS, this release sounds like the polar opposite of it's predecessor (In this case I'm speaking of 2003's "Anathema Device" LP on Hardcore Holocaust) to keep things fresh. Now I know what many of you are thinking, "OMGZ WHEN MY FAVORITE BANDZ CHANGE STYLES THAT MUST MEANS TEY SOLD OUTZZZ!!!". No. This is not the case. Personally I think this record sounds better than Anathema Device, but that may just be me. I love Jack Control's Poison Idea type vocals layered on top of the insane drumming and the blistering basslines. It's kinda like throwing all the best bands from hardcore, d-beat, and punk into a blender and hoping that shit turns out alright. In this case it did, and this will probably become one of my favorite records of 2007. Chalk up another rager from Havoc!

($10ppd/Havoc Records/P.O. Box 8585/Minneapolis, MN 55408/

Friday, June 1, 2007

War's No Fun!

Welcome to War's No Fun. An online blog featuring the underdogs and the forgotten memories of the punk/hardcore community as well as reviews of records that have recently come out. I hope to upload at least one record a day or maybe more and try to include a new review every so often. Maybe I could actually get a real site going some day? Who knows?

I started this blog originally because I upload music for the folks on the NC Punk Boards. No I have decided I want to share all my music with EVERYONE! I'm gonna be uploading some rarities and some recent releases as well as tons of live shows and perhaps even some video footage of bans like DOOM, Fear Of God, Heresy, Larm and more!

If you would like to get in touch with me, here's my contact info:
AIM: barricade ryan
SoulSeek: SomaHoliday


P.S. - If you are in a band and would like me to remove your uploaded album, just send me an e-mail and I will be more than happy to remove it!

P.P.S. - PLEASE DOWNLOAD WIN RAR! All my files will be compressed in the .RAR format and it will be important for you folks to have this! You can download it here!